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Discovering colors! - May21

Dear parents,

Many of you have asked me for advice on activities to suggest to your children to help them at home.

Today, I am happy to start this new project of sending you regular game ideas and tools, defined by themes.

I hope that you will be able to find materials that will allow you to accompany your child in parallel with these psychomotor sessions.

Most of the tools are printable (so less expensive) and laminable (which limits the risks of breakage). Nevertheless, I am well aware that the preparation can take a lot of time. So don't hesitate to involve your children (of all ages) in the cutting and shaping (even if it's not perfectly straight), they will work on their fine motor skills!

You can easily find laminators and laminating pouches in online stores or in supermarkets.

To begin, here are two games mainly intended for children who are discovering colors: the color memory and the lego cards to reproduce

In addition to the mastery of colors, they will learn: the association of colors, logical sequences, representation in space, without forgetting the language that is always supported through the games.

I can’t wait you to share me your experience!

Have fun and see you soon!


(PDF available below)

Download PDF • 914KB
Brique & couleurs
Download PDF • 6.18MB

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