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Curious Girl

« Psychomotor is an invitation to understand that the child expresses his inner world,

by way of motor skills. » 


Bernard Aucouturier


Psychomotor sessions are individualized, they are thoughts based on the therapeutic project evaluated following the balance sheet.

Our working tool is the body moving, relationship, representation and sensation.

Psychomotrician works on gross motricity skills (walking, running, jumping ...) and fine motricity skills (manual and digital skills as stringing beads, cut with scissors ...).


It also considers marks in space (body orientation and perception of the environment) and in time (concept of time and feelings experienced in the moment yesterday when I was little ...).


By intervening in the tone (tonic regulation adapted to action, relaxation ...) and the felt (sensorimotor perceptions), psychomotor accompanies the child in the construction of his psycho-physical identity.


Finally, through the symbolic representations, the child develops his creativity and the expression of his perceptions of the world around him.

The carriers used are bodily and sensory experiences, motor activities, rules of games, symbolic games, table games, the graphic expression but also dance, relaxation...

It is essential that the patient has the pleasure to come to envolve.

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