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Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité
 Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité 

My name is Solene Esteve.


I am specialize in psychomotor development from infant to teenager.


I speak through two approaches:


- One, preventive that allows me to ensure the proper motor, mental, emotional and relationship of the child.


- The second is therapeutic, it is to use the body in the game, and representation in relation to respond to the needs of children.


After many years at the High HES.S2 Social Health School of Geneva in Switzerland and I graduated in March 2010 Therapist Psychomotor DE, I served a few months in Lausanne. Then I returned to my homeland and settled in Paris!


My French equivalency diploma in hand, I wanted to develop my professional experience in different areas: early childhood nursery, therapy with children and Teens with autism, support for the elderly ...


With 3 years of practice, I decided to continue this research of diversity. In November 2012, I opened my office in Paris. At the same time, I realized training in the childcare sector and nursery Near childminders and nannies .


Today, I am pleased to be able to develop my international experience, intervening in England. 


Hope to meet you !



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