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Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité
 Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité 

In a small group or individual session, you will have a fun and discovery moment with your child. We will do sensory awareness, motricity skills and relaxation. This space is open to parents with children 0 to 3 years.




Parent-child space :

Discover and understand the development of her child. Understanding its playful needs to accompany and help it grow well .


Each child takes its first learning through its sensorimotor experiences, that is, by the awakening of the five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell ), body movement and relax in a safe play space and relationship. The idea is to support the child to help him grow well and to build.


In this context, it is not a question of therapy but to understand the psychomotor development of children. The idea is to allow parents to discover how to offer a space of arousal to children. How to accompany the young in their findings and what activities they offer .



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