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Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité
 Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité 

Accompaniment during pregnancy :



You expect a happy event : the birth of your ( your ) child (ren) !


The future mom will need to be supported to withstand bodily constraints involved in particular in recent months .

Finding the right postures, enjoy a massage to relieve and relax your back, working his breath ... !


Offer you a moment to take care of you without leaving your home !




Baby equipment preparation


Nine months is not too much for the arrival of your bout'chou requires a layout of your space and the purchase of many baby equipment !

Whether the room, bathtub, play mats , dishes, stroller, to retail scarf , clothes ...


Know that the price is not always worth the quality and the product may not meet the need of your child!



So for that matter , so take the advice of a professional to be on its choice!


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