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Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité
 Psychomotor Therapist / Psychomotricité 


« Child’s game contains everything in him » Winnicot


What is the psychomotricity?



The term « psychomotor » expresses this interdependence between psychic life (psycho) and motor life (motricity).

So starting from this concept, the psychomotrity views the body as a manifestation of being, tonics with these parts of motor, emotional, relational and intellectual.

The body expresses itself in being and acting, in relation to itself, others and the environment.

The psychomotricity have two fields of intervention: therapeutic and preventive.


It affects differents areas:


    •    Psychomotor development: developmental delay, mobilities difficulties, tonic disharmony, clumsiness, dyspraxia …


    •    Learning difficulties: concentration, writing, autonomy, graphic design, social relationship, early …


    •    Psychiatric: behavior disorders and personality


    •    Neurological: Hyperactivity, OCD, axonal neuropathy, Cerebral Palsy …


    •    Sensory impairments: hypersensitivity, visually impaired, hearing-evil …


    •    Old age-related ills




Parents come from themselves to seek advice to the psychomotrician .



Different professionals and institutions can also be brought to refer you to a psychomotor :


- Nurseries

- Schools

- Doctors and paediatricians

- Different healthcare professionals :

  • Psychologists
  • Pathologists
  • Occupationals therapists
  • Educators


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